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Talentville Bar & Grill : Ask the Expert
Jealousy and lack of imagination

Paul Mailhot
Posted May 4, 2013 5:14 PM
I believe it's a Who You Know world, not just in the filming industry - everywhere. But, there is no denying that there have been no-names that made it big based on their talent. They just happen to be rare occurrences.

As an example, Justin Beiber didn't know anyone. He put his stuff out there and was scooped up and now tours the world and has his face on everything from towels to duct tape. Spare me the no-talent cracks. He's not my favorite but I still kind of like his music. I'm not a bandwagon hater.

As for the jealousy thing, you might have to expand on that with an example or two.

Paul Mailhot
Posted May 5, 2013 1:41 AM
I think the Who You Know thing has its ups and downsides. The downside is that you end up feeling like you aren't getting a fair shake if you aren't adequately networked. Though the upside is that it forces you to become more involved with people who can move you along within not only the industry, but the craft as well. 

We are all rookies at Talentville, mostly, but if you make the right connections here you can benefit from the talent of some of the more advanced folks and push your screenplay's quality far past its start point. Once you are "in" with the top tier rookies, you write and review with a determination to not let them down. They act as an inspiration to reach that next level of quality. Sure, they aren't the people who will connect you with a buyer, but they are the ones who will enable you to unlock craft potential.