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The Sony Hack

Geoff Morton
Posted December 22, 2014 2:08 PM

Is Cletus available for a sequel to Vegas Under Siege?

Ward Bower
Posted December 27, 2014 2:14 AM

Late night ramblings…

I’m glad to see SPE release the movie. Their exposure has been mitigated by all the critics, including the president, who said it was a “mistake” not to release it. So God forbid something happens, all those people can’t turn around throw SPE under the bus for knowingly putting people at risk to make a buck. Now the release is being framed more about the ideology of not letting the bad guys win, instead of corporate profit motive. 

Plus with the internet retaliation attack on the DPRK’s internet, the focus of the rancor is back between the two actual governments where it belongs.  Corporations are not equipped to handle or respond to attacks from foreign governments.

As for the emails.

I bet it’s the same stuff at every major studio. Major corporations follow standard product development models, whether it’s a new cereal or a new deodorant scent. It’s corporate due diligence. They need to identify there is a market for the product and there can be a reasonable expectation of return on their investment. Then they’re going to do market research/beta test the product to find out if they’re getting the results they expected. So forth and so on.

This model just comes across awkwardly and at time stifling in the creative field. Hence, the Smurf’s 2 movie marketing study where “the color blue” was listed as a largely positive attribute amongst teenagers.  

Just the fact that the Smurf’s 2 got green lit is frustrating. A project born solely off of Smurf 1 returns and related marketing projections and models vrs anyone actually having a passionate desire to create it. This is exactly why Smurfs 2, and a ton of sequels like it, play like flavorless pieces of processed cheese.  It’s just a bunch of hired hands doing just enough to get their pay checks. There’s no one bringing any passion or heart to it. The result is typically a soulless script, uninspired direction and canned performances that cheat audiences of 90 minutes of their remaining time on earth.

I don’t envy heads of major studios at times. It’s not like you just fund the best script on your desk and then lock in a premiere date for next summer. There are only a handful of directors who can attract any of the dozen or so actors who can carry a film. And those directors can be notorious for waffling on commitments because they’re afraid something better might be right around the corner.  Plus any source material with a large following (novels) is going to generate bidding wars.

I wish the major studios would focus more on the small budget projects with up-and-coming talent. Instead they beat each other up over for the “it” directors, while cranking out the fiscally responsible production fillers of B-level talent in familiar formulaic bubble gum movies. The older star clashes with younger star in a buddy cop formula “Hollywood Homicide” “Cop out” “Rush Hour” etc etc. The man-child meets a cute girl formula, 90% of Adam Sandler and Hugh Grant’s film careers…etc.

And back to work I go…..

Christine Murphy
Posted December 27, 2014 11:24 AM

Smurfs 2 is green lit? um  Going to have to get motivated to watch the first one then...