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Logline Hospital (powered by Script Pipeline)

An effective log line - short, catchy, intriguing - is a key to enticing others to take a look at your script. However, writing a great log line isn't as easy as it looks, so to help you get more attention for your scripts, we created the Logline Hospital, powered by our friends at Script Pipeline. Each week, Script Pipeline will pick two needy loglines from the scripts with the most votes and give them an Extreme Makeover, Talentville style.

Memorial Day

A Pearl Harbor survivor returns to Pearl Harbor to visit his brothers' empty graves who he was unable to keep from staying overnight night at his apartment the night before Pe...

4 Votes


"After having her life altered by a mysterious time-traveler, a skeptical archaeologist uncovers a startling conspiracy and sets off to expose the truth behind our untold his...

3 Votes

No Honor Among Family

When his daughter is kidnapped, a former British soldier in 1812 must use his former skills and resources to bring her home.

1 Vote

The Old Grey Man

Red Reed has languished in prison for his sins. The Ex-Confederate's parole board meets to grant him his freedom. Only one thing stands in his way, his ex-commander, an angry ...

0 Votes

Love and Blood

An idealistic German teen is forced into a Nazi training school, separating him from his audacious Jewish girlfriend until he discovers her years later as a prisoner under his...

0 Votes