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Logline Hospital (powered by Script Pipeline)

An effective log line - short, catchy, intriguing - is a key to enticing others to take a look at your script. However, writing a great log line isn't as easy as it looks, so to help you get more attention for your scripts, we created the Logline Hospital, powered by our friends at Script Pipeline. Each week, Script Pipeline will pick two needy loglines from the scripts with the most votes and give them an Extreme Makeover, Talentville style.


Two amateur treasure hunters risk everything in a dangerous quest to raise a 200 ton riverboat from the bottom of the Missouri river, racing against a treacherous archeologist...

2 Votes

The Alien Diaries

While appraising old and rare books at a restored colonial plantation, a book collector stumbles across a series of diaries that chronicle an alien visitation in 1781.

1 Vote

Jason and Mathilda

A college nerd falls in love with a beautiful woman online, only to find out she's old enough to be his grandmother.

0 Votes