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Dr Format Answers your Questions - Book
Not Available

Contains every column published in Script magazine through 2010. Each column is completely revised and updated to today's formatting standards. This is a must-have book and reference tool for screenwriters. Hundreds of common formatting questions are answered. 251 pages plus index.

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A must have book for all screenwriters. Dave Trottier is a guru on everything relating to script formatting...the do's and the don't, the "how do I show that" and the "what is no longer in fashion". This book consolidates years of his popular Script Magazine articles in one handy guide that will really help you get it right the first time.

Do you have a question about formatting or spec writing? Now you can have all of Dr. Format's prescriptions in one place. With a humorous flair, he addresses such issues as How do you format text messages? How do you handle foreign languages? How do you streamline your scenes for a great read? What do Hollywood readers look for in a script? How do you streamline scenes for a great read?

Dave teaches you how to direct the camera without using camera directions, and how to apply formatting principles to develop your characters. He also shares specific tips on pitch letters and TV sitcom format. And he provides expert guidance on screenwriting issues not found anywhere else. Dr. Format Answers your Questions goes beyond the rules and gives you practical applications that will expand your writing skills. According to Dave, "Understanding formatting and spec writing is a key to crafting a great screenplay."

Let Dr. Format help you do just that. ABOUT DR. FORMAT: Dave Trottier has sold or optioned numerous screenplays, three of which were produced. He is the author of The Screenwriter's Bible, which was the basis for the software Script Thing, which later became Movie Magic Screenwriter. He was a content advisor for Screenwriting Pro, the Writer's Store new web-based formatter, and is a senior writer for Script magazine.