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Final Draft - Professional Screenwriting Software (Download Version)
$199.00 USD

Final Draft is the number-one selling application specifically designed for writing movie scripts, television episodics, and stageplays. It combines powerful word processing with professional script formatting in one self-contained, easy-to-use package. Don't waste valuable writing time on stringent formatting rules, Final Draft automatically paginates and formats your script to industry standards as you write.

As the undeniable market leader among professional software for screenwriting throughout the Industry and indeed worldwide, we would recommend Final Draft in any event, but at Talentville we have a special connection as Talentville founder Ben Cahan was the co-founder of Final Draft as well as responsible for creating,designing and developing all of its early versions.

The feature list is long, but a few highlights of the great things packed into Final Draft that will make your life as a screenwriter just that much easier:

100% Cross-Platform Share your script files with Mac or Windows users Final Draft scripts are identical on both Windows and Macintosh platforms and can easily be exchanged between both.

Scene View Outline your script ideas and reorder scenes in this high-level overview. With the Scene View you can look at your script from a 5,000-foot view and select, drag and drop one or more scenes to reorganize your ideas as you outline. Insert new scenes easily, and hide or show information important to you such as a scene's action, title and summary. Scene View also displays a scene's color so you can quickly identify one scene from another.

Index Cards Easily outline your story and restructure your script by dragging and dropping multiple scenes at a time. This improved feature has double-sided cards that display the script's scene on one side and the summary on the other. The Summary View allows you to enter ideas directly into the index card such as your basic outline, notes, sequence or act markers, comments, locations, blocking... anything you need to build and organize your story. You can also color your Index Cards to help organize themes, character arcs, A and B stories, etc.

Printing and PDF Options Greater flexibility, more options, and improved printing interface put you in the driver's seat Now, not only can you print your script in its entirety, you can choose which sets of revisions you want to print and you can print other views such as the Scene View and Index Cards. We've added the ability for you to print directly on 3x5 or 4x6 index cards or print your script directly to PDF so you can decide whether to send a full script or a subset of pages via PDF. The Title Page is also conveniently available as an option to include in your PDF or printed output.

Script Compare We've improved the way you can compare two drafts of the same script, providing more granularity of the changes you've made, specifically individual words and punctuation.

Templates Jump-start your writing by using one of our built-in templates Television show, screenplay, stageplay, and graphic-novel templates are included to help get you started. Looking for an old series no longer on the air or a hot new show? The Final Draft online template library is updated regularly and allows registered users to search our large library of past and present television shows. New shows are added regularly and users can easily download additional templates directly from

ScriptNotes Keep track of ideas and feedback about sections of your script These effective pop-up windows hold your ideas, suggestions, or scene fragments that you've cut but don't want to toss without taking up space onscreen. Use ScriptNotes to provide feedback on a particular scene when reviewing your partner's script or print your ScriptNotes as a report for easy reference when reviewing your script. ...And that is just a short list of the incredible power built into Final Draft. The goal is to focus on your story, your characters, your plot, not how your script looks on the page. We cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone serious about their screenwriting career.