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Gloomfield - An Average Day

by Daniel Plagens

Sitcom - New Series, 35 pages (Animated, Comedy)

Viewed by: 17 Members
Uploaded: Jan 13, 2017
Latest Draft: Apr 30, 2017

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Log Line

Series Description

Gloomfield is a family animated comedy that follows the funny, touching, and strange misadventures of Allie, an orphaned 12-year old witch trying to master the art of magic and Pip, her adoptive father and the clumsy ghost of an absent-minded professor, as they do battle with the ghouls, boogeymen, and monsters that attack their small town.

Episode Synopsis

In this pilot episode for a family animated comedy series, Allie and Pip must find a way to defeat a demon that possesses the souls of kids who get shoved into lockers before he can steal Allie's spell book.