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Industry Professionals

If you are an agent, manager, producer or other working movie or television professional, apply to join Talentville as an Industry Member.

If approved (we screen all Industry Members), you can search our Script Library for those undiscovered gems, all without any worry of being bombarded with unsolicited emails.

Note: All Industry Members are covered by our Submission Upload Agreement, which protects you and your company in the same way as a standard script release form. Our members realize it is you they want reading their scripts, after all.

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Pack your bags and move into a town designed exclusively for Screenwriters and Storytellers

Welcome to Talentville, the online community that gives a voice to screenwriters everywhere who share the dream of having their work produced.
Blow the dust off your scripts and stories that sit dejected and forgotten and see if you have what it takes to turn your dreams into reality.
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If you are an Aspiring Screenwriter...

Who says you have to live in Hollywood to make it big?

Not us. If you're a screenwriter with a passion for storytelling and the dream of having your work produced, Talentville is the place for you.

Our mission is simple: To build a "city" of writers that combines networking, feedback, collaboration and education to help you hone your skills and fine tune your work. All the while we'll be building a network of industry professionals to join, interact, share their knowledge and keep a sharp eye out for promising scripts just like yours.
If you are an Industry Professional...

Find your next Project

If you are an agent, manager, producer or other movie & television professional looking for great writers and projects, join as an Industry Member and search our Script Library for those undiscovered gems.

All without any worry of being bombarded with unsolicited queries.

Peruse loglines or make use of our site ratings and rankings to find just the type of project or client you are looking for.
What sets us Apart?

We protect your scripts

• You decide who can read your work

• On-screen script viewing

Reviews & ratings

• Monthly Top Scripts

• Top Reviewer Rewards


• Conversations

• Special Interest Groups

• Message Boards


• Contests

• Coverage

• Events

Screenwriter Memberships


(No Cost)

• Upload 1 script

• Feedback, critiques and ratings from other members

• Access to all forums and groups

• Not eligible for Script of the Month



• Upload up to 3 scripts

• Eligible for Script of the Month

• 10% off coupon usable on any item at the General Store

• 1 TalentDollar discount on every member review



• Upload unlimited scripts

• Eligible for Script of the Month

• Pick the scripts you want to review

• Your scripts assigned to only highly rated reviewers

• Discounts on products & services at our General Store

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