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Talentville Bar & Grill : The Wild West
A kind of business idea...

Victor Titimas
Posted January 18, 2014 9:02 AM
I. Idea described:
1)The idea would be to create a setting where paying customers can act in a kind of movie-like structure. It's similar to paintball or other such games.
2)There could be multiple packages that include filming, food and accommodation, sightseeing(the customer can first choose a country and a city where the action will take place).
3)The customers can become heroes and be assigned roles and missions related to the type of package they'll choose. It's like being in your own movie or such.
4)There could be assignments the customer must fulfill, like finding some objects, going from place to place and shooting enemies(false guns, paintball-like or such..).
5)There are stuff the customer can learn, like martial arts, cooking, shooting with bows, etc. It's not like being in a movie, it's just a kind of movie-like stuff...
II. Movie similarities/Differences:
-The customer can choose the setting which will be inspired by movie genres(Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, etc.)
-The assignments should depend on the selected genre.
-There is a kind of screenplay that presents how the "action" unfolds, the assignments and their order, who are the characters, etc.
-Some people can be like  actors, business employees that fill the empty places/characters.
-It could last longer, days and weeks, not just 2 hours, like movies do...
-There aren't just assignments (action), customers can learn more about topics related to that genre and setting, go on tours, socialize, eat, sleep, relax, etc.
-The " screenplay" can be presented to the customer, but he/she could have the option to modify it. Or there could be an option to keep this secret, so the customer won't know anything about the assignments he/she will receive. If there are friends or a couple as customers, some of them can know the " screenplay" document, while others won't be told/won't know about the assignments.
-No pre-set dialogue, people can talk about anything and say anything...
-It's more like a video game with real people..
III. Genres and related activities, stuff, etc. :
A. Action
1)Subgenre settings/location: Modern day action(anywhere, cities, countryside, etc.), Mafia inspired (suits, mobsters, anywhere, cities, mansions, jails, etc.), natural disasters(simulated, anywhere), terror war(anywhere, terrorist hostage simulation, attack simulation, etc.), martial arts/kung fu, spy inspired(multiple locations) etc.
2)Enemies: thugs, mobsters, terrorists, crooked cops, spies, enemy ninjas, fighters etc.

3)Things to do: Find stuff, shoot enemies, go from location to location, pick up things, survive simulated ambush, survive and fight against simulated hostage situations, etc., buy fake weapons and use them in combat, socialize with others, have dinner and other meals, visits/sightseeing, listen to music/go to a club.
4)Things to learn: How to shoot a weapon/a bow, how to drive, (could also be speed driving or stunt like driving and chases simulated for those who like this kind of stuff), foreign languages, computer skills/courses(spy like subgenre), martial arts, traditional Chinese/Japanese weapons handling(martial arts like subgenre), psychology courses, negotiation techniques.

Victor Titimas
Posted January 18, 2014 9:28 AM
B. Sci-Fi:
1)Subgenres: Futuristic mankind(robots, high-tech machines, different outfits), space exploration (in built settings that look like other planets, empty and with stuff to explore, just got this idea, the same as the Adventure genre), alien invasion(actors in suits), alien sci-fi stories(where some aliens are good others are bad and you have to fight the bad ones), time travel( settings/locations that simulate various time periods)

2) Things to do: Explore settings/locations, buy futuristic weapons(toy-like), fight enemies, socialize, same as the Action genre, use a telescope to see the sky, play logic and board games like chess, watch sci-fi movies(famous ones, including old!)

3) Enemies: Robots(actors or real robots), aliens, evil human characters(bad guys from the future), cyborgs(Terminator-like), etc.

4) Things to learn: Science related topics, Physics, Astronomy, About robots and building them, about the artificial intelligence, Math, Sci-Fi Literature and its history and most important writers of this genre.

C. Horror:
1)Subgenres: Haunted(ghosts made through hologram technology, or some kind of special effects, or actors) places, Zombie invasion(Actors), Contained(where people are restrained inside a small area like a cabin or a building), Monster attack(actors),
2)Things to do: Visit supposedly haunted places, have fortune told(could be real psychics or mediums or such stuff), Have painted faces to look horror, listen or make up creepy stories, etc.
3)Things to learn: Astrology, Mythology and Folklore(various topics), Painting and making up suits, like for Halloween, Learn about famous historical mysteries or unexplained stuff...