Talentville Refund Policy

Last Updated: December 5, 2023


All Talentville memberships may be cancelled and refunded within 7 days of purchase provided that the Resident emails their cancellation request to refunds@talentville.com within that time period. Cancellation requests must include the Resident’s full name, Talentville username and the invoice number of the transaction.

Third Party Services

Services purchased via Talentville on behalf of third parties (i.e. contest entries, coverage services) may be cancelled for up to 7 days after purchase provided the service has not yet been performed. Upon completion by any third party of the service purchased, that sale can no longer be cancelled or refunded. Email cancellation requests to refunds@talentville.com and we will contact the service provider on your behalf to cancel the transaction. You may also contact the service provider directly, and at such time as they indicate the service was cancelled, the refund will be provided.


Products purchased via Talentville (i.e. software, books, DVD’s) may be refunded (minus the cost of any shipping) for up to 30 days or the refund time established by each individual product provider, whichever is shorter. In the case of shipped products, they must be returned in good condition to Talentville at the address shown below and include the Talentville invoice number for the purchase as well as the Resident’s full name and Talentville username.

Refund Method

All refunds will be credited to the payment method that is tied to the Resident’s account at the time the refund is made. If we have no current payment method attached to the Resident’s account at the time of the refund, it shall be made via Company check and mailed to the address in the Resident’s Talentville profile.

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