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Landscrapers - Pilot

Posted by Boomer Wadaska

Written by Boomer M. Wadaska and Christopher Michael

Drama - New Series, 55 pages (Drama, Comedy)

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Uploaded: May 01, 2013
Latest Draft: May 01, 2013

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Log Line

Series Description

After being fired from a TV production company in New York City, a man returns home to the suburbs of Philadelphia and surreptitiously attempts to produce his own reality show by exploiting the crew at his former landscaping job while trying to justify it to a woman he has always loved, but never had a shot with.

Episode Synopsis

Truman Andrews returns to Levittown, Pa with the idea to produce his own reality show featuring the derelict crew at his old landscaping job. After some reservations about how his company may be received on TV, owner Mike decides to allow Truman to do it after seeing a commercial by a competitor who takes a thinly-veiled jab at Ortlieb's Lawn & Landscape.