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Bad Madison - Convergence

Posted by Matt O'Connor

Written by Matt L. O'Connor

Drama - New Series, 54 pages (Suspense/Thriller, Horror)

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Uploaded: Sep 01, 2015
Latest Draft: Nov 05, 2015

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Log Line

Series Description

In the early 1900s, a doctor, a vagabond and an American Indian find their paths intersecting after the three are drawn to the small town of Madison. The deeply religious people of Madison and their leader, a mysterious, old man known as 'The Prophet', manipulate reality in order to achieve their own dark desires.

Episode Synopsis

Dr. Isaac & Maggie Day find themselves stranded on the way to begin a new life, when they are aided by an altruistic group who offer them food and shelter in the town of Madison. Henry Flint runs for his life when he becomes the target of a murderous family's vendetta after a fatal bare-knuckle boxing match. Bodaway and a handful of his American Indian tribesman return home from a hunt to discover the women and children missing and the grotesque remains of the tribe's elders; murdered in a ritual sacrifice.