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A chat about The Biz with working screenwriter (and author and consultant) Mark Sanderson

In this 60 minute chat with Talentville CEO Ben Cahan, working screenwriter/script consultant and author Mark Sanderson shares his personal experience getting in (and staying in) the Entertainment Industry as a screenwriter, and offers his advice on ways new writers can position themselves & their spec screenplays, and gives us all a few tips on how to navigate the ups and downs of life as a screenwriter.
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Mark Sanderson

Mark Sanderson is a working screenwriter, script consultant and author blessed to be living his childhood dream of making movies screenplays written in genres ranging from family films to thrillers and action movies. His growing list of produced writing credits include I'll Remember April, An Accidental Christmas, Deadly Vows and Suburban Swingers Club.

Mark's book A screenwriter's Journey to Success is available at Amazon.

Mark Sanderson's Website:

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Ben Cahan

Ben Cahan created and co-founded Final Draft, the worldwide leader in screenwriting software. It is used to write over 90% of all movies and TV shows produced worldwide.

He is currently the CEO at Talentville, with the goal to create an entirely new market for aspiring screenwriters to improve their skills and network with other writers, and also to provide a gateway to reach and interact with industry professionals, from agents and managers to producers and production executives.

What others have to say...

A very down-to-earth experience that described the industry realistically. This presentation gave us a sense of how to navigate, strategize and what to expect as we try to create screenplays for the market.

-- Marsha Mayer

It was great to hear from a working screenwriter who gave us viewers an honest unvarnished glimpse of what you have to do to get started and survive and thrive in the business.

-- John Wood

Great show, thank you. Keep up the good work.... regards Wolf Bukowski.

-- wolf bukowski