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1 Year Talentville Citizenship

The Basics

Talentville is a member-supported community, which means that your membership fees allow us to actively promote our members as well as to set up special events, negotiate great discounts on products and services as well as enlist active help from some of the best screenwriting teachers and consultants, producers, writers and development executives in the Industry.

JOIN OR RENEW TODAY and help make Talentville the premier screenwriting site anywhere.

More Details

We want Talentville to be the best screenwriting site on the planet, but to get there we need your support to allow us to continue to make it better. While the core of the site, including the Bar & Grill, Script Library and the Review and Rating system, is open to everyone, much of our future development will be geared towards giving special Industry knowledge and access to our city's Citizens. That means special contests, workshops, events and educational content just for those of you who support us with your membership dollars.

If you take your screenwriting as seriously as we do, become a Citizen today and help us make Talentville the place where Hollywood can go to find the next great movie or TV project.

Just some of the benefits of Citizenship:

$30 TalentDollars to purchase reviews right away

Pick the scripts you want to review - No more assignments

The ability to request to download any script directly from the author (Tourists must read all scripts on the computer)

Read and print Script Notes attached to your any of your scripts (Tourists cannot read Script Notes at all)

Your scripts assigned to ONLY high rated reviewers to review (Tourists get who they get)

Upload an unlimited amount of scripts to the library (Tourists can only upload one, Preferrred Members 3)

Discounts on all products and services we offer (coverage, contests, software, workshops)

Double the assignment priority on reviews you purchase, making it more likely your reviews are assigned and reviewed quickly

A 3 TalentDollar discount on member reviews purchased via our peer-review system

Post ads for your script in the town billboard