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Get 50 TalentDollars for $45 to purchase reviews of your screenplays

The Basics

Want your script reviewed by our members without the need to earn TalentDollars by submitting reviews of your own? For $45, you get 50 TalentDollars, enough to purchase 3 reviews for a 100 page feature script.

We always encourage our members to get involved and do at least a few reviews, but for those of you with more cash than time, this may be the best option for you.

More Details

We know many of you have busy lives and may not have time to earn TalentDollars the old fashioned way (by reading assigned scripts and submitting reviews), so you can now purchase those bucks directly and spend them immediately to buy reviews of your projects. This will get you valuable feedback, get your script a site score (when a minimum of 3 reviews have been submitted by the other members), help support our community and, finally, might get us to pay attention to your script (assuming it is well received by the members).

Of course, because reviews cost less for Talentville Citizens (2 TalentDollar discount per review), you will get the most bang for your buck by becoming a Citizen before you spend your bucks to buy reviews.

3 Month Citizenships start at $39, so do the math yourself, especially if you have more than one script you think has what it takes.

About Review Costs: The cost of reviews is based partly on the length of the script, but as a guide, scripts from 100-109 pages cost 16 TalentDollars per review for Tourist members (14 for Citizens). Once you purchase this item, you will see the TalentDollars reflected immediately in your Talentville Bank account.