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The Basics

Talentville is member-supported, and we count on your membership fees to continue to add new features and continue our efforts to attract industry professionals to the community.

Our  Preferred membership is a low-cost option that helps support Talentville and gives you the ability to upload additional screenplays, purchase reviews for fewer TalentDollars, and to be eligible for honors, prizes and rewards if you or your projects rise to the top of the heap.

More Details

We want Talentville to be the best screenwriting site on the planet, but to get there we need your support to allow us to continue to make it better.

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Just some of the benefits of Upgrading to a Preferred membership:

 Upload up to 3 scripts to the Talentville Script Library (up from 1)

Become eligible for site honors and prizes, including our Script of the Month & Reviewer of the Month contests

Receive a 10% off coupon for ANY item at the Talentville General Store

Receive 5 TalentDollars you can use towards the purchase of a review of one of your screenplays

Get a 1 TalentDollar discount on every review you purchase

If you upgrade to a Citizen membership, you will receive 3 extra months tacked on to your Citizenship