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Mini Coverage - Feature Screenplay
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The Basics

Talentville Mini-coverage is a great way to find out how your screenplay might be received by professional Story Analysts, the gatekeepers who are usually the first to read and critique your script within Industry circles.

Mini-coverage consists of two pages of script comments, broken down into the following three categories: Overall, Pros and Cons.

More Details

What is Coverage?

Let's face it, the power players in Hollywood do not have the time to read every submitted screenplay from cover to cover. There just aren't enough hours in the day. To allow them to do their job effectively, they have a staff of experience professionals who read submissions for a living and who summarize their reactions in a 3-5 page report, analyzing story, structure, characters, plot, genre and marketability along with a recommendation as to whether the project is ready for serious consideration.

Receive a coveted "Recommend" and your script rockets up the food chain, receive a "Pass" and it's the end of the line. Coverage is, in essence, the ultimate Hollywood score card, the document that can determine if your script moves forward or gets dumped in the reject pile.

Who does our Coverage?

Our staff of professional Story Analysts read screenplays for a living for some of the biggest Talent Agencies and Production Companies in Hollywood. They understand structure, they understand character, they know what the marketplace is looking for, and best of all their analysis is trusted by agents, managers and producers at the highest level. These are the real gatekeepers with their hands on the lever of the drawbridge that defends the castle we call Hollywood.