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Spade - Pilot

Posted by Justin Santore

Written by Justin Santore

Drama - New Series, 47 pages (Drama, Comedy)

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Uploaded: Mar 19, 2012
Latest Draft: Jan 05, 2013

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Log Line

Series Description

Shannon Connors, the matriarch of the poverty-stricken Connors family, was introduced to the world of grave robbing by her father at a young age. Now reformed, she is the single mother of two boys. Unbeknownst to Shannon, her oldest son, Hunter, carries on the unlawful family legacy to avoid bankruptcy. Ironically, the most troubled of them all is Aaron, who surrounds himself with narcotics and toxic influences.

Each episode surrounds the recent death of a wealthy Marymount civilian and the family’s attempt to sell the stolen property at the struggling auction house where Shannon works. The show's larger arcs explore the interactions of the abovementioned characters and Shannon’s boss, Hunter’s boyfriend, and the staff members at Aaron’s high school.

Episode Synopsis

The pilot finds the Connors family on the brink of eviction. Hunter's best friend, and co-conspirator, Lindsay, works at a high-class funeral home. When her next resident is owner to a one-of-a-kind suit worth thousands of dollars, Hunter and Lindsay plot their return to cemetery.