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My Polish Dad - Meat the Parents

Posted by luke sokolewicz

Written by Luke Sokolewicz

Sitcom - New Series, 31 pages (Comedy)

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Uploaded: Jul 05, 2012
Latest Draft: Jul 05, 2012

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Log Line

Series Description

He's skinny. He's vegan. He's Polish. And he's not Catholic. In other words, he's a Polish parents' nightmare. In this series, young and ambitious Thomas Grabowski struggles to launch his journalism career while still living at home with his wacky, Polish family. The resident Polacks include Barbara (his overprotective mom), George (his rival loser brother), Zofia (his senile grandma) and of course, Boguslaw (his off-beat, old-school dad). Every episode is Thomas's attempt to live a normal, quiet life, but always being sucked him into one of his dad's strange adventures…like driving around the neighborhood trying to track down his lost Grandma.

Episode Synopsis

Paczkis, beets, potato pancakes and a missing Grandma. These are only a few of the things keeping Thomas from accomplishing a simple task. Meeting a story deadline. The first episode establishes the awkward tension that Thomas experiences while living at home with his wacky Polish mom, dad, grandma and his rival older brother. Oh, and Pam, the old Vietnamese man that lives in the shed out back.