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Afterlife - Viels

Posted by Dwain Worrell

Written by Dwain Worrell

Drama - New Series, 57 pages (Suspense/Thriller, Crime)

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Uploaded: Jul 12, 2012
Latest Draft: Jul 12, 2012

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Log Line

Series Description

When small town coroner Toby Church uses his knowledge of forensics to fake deaths and stay one step ahead of his law enforcement peers his actions become misinterpreted as serial killings and his alter ego becomes the prime suspect.

Episode Synopsis

Maria Vasquez, a New York City secretary is the witness to a murder committed by local crime kingpin, Jimmy Visconte. With Visconte’s connections in the police department and local courts, Maria knows she needs to disappear. She is referred to Toby Church, a soft spoken loner and the only coroner in the small town of Sweden, New York. Rumor has it that Toby’s faked deaths before and though he is reluctant at first Toby is eventually coaxed into faking Maria’s death.