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Greed - Pilot

Posted by Daniel Elton

Written by Jordan Shlosberg

Drama - New Series, 48 pages (Drama)

Viewed by: 23 Members
Uploaded: Aug 29, 2012
Latest Draft: Aug 30, 2012

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Log Line

Series Description

A financial enforcer is tasked with investigating her half brother for insider trading. A big ask considering those profits paid for her cancer treatment.

Episode Synopsis

We meet David Berg, superstar trader with one goal in life – money. Amass as much as possible in as little time as possible. Well, so we thought. When his half sister contracts pancreatic cancer, David selflessly re-mortgages his house and uses all of his available cash to pay a £400k medical bill that puts Alex’s cancer in remission.

Safely recovered Alexandra begins to piece his life back together although the meagre salary for working at the FSA and marriage with her selfish and despicable husband George leaves a lot to be desired. Things aren’t all bad as her torrid relationship has blessed her with a sweet young daughter Megan. If it wasn’t for her, Alex wouldn’t think twice about yielding to the advances of her co-worker Robbie.

With mounting debts David doesn’t think twice about the way he earns money and so constant Market Abuse by himself and his peers goes unchecked....until a whistleblower alerts the FSA to industry wide abuse in the LIBOR market. With David’s arrogant boss Frank diving deeper into the rabbit hole of insider trading, he carries on abusing the market, oblivious to the face that his half sister has been given the task of investigating him!