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Millennium Dawn - Pilot Episode: Waking Up

Posted by Douglas Snook

Written by Douglas Snook

Sitcom - New Series, 40 pages (Sci-Fi, Action)

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Uploaded: Mar 16, 2013
Latest Draft: Jun 12, 2013

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Log Line

Series Description

A young girl awakens on a massive spaceship, transporting hibernating colonists to a new world. She quickly discovers that the ship's computer has gone insane, and is only awakening children. She and the other kids must survive mutant creatures, rogue robots and each other in order to save the ship and humanity's future.

Episode Synopsis

13 year old Tru Callister awakes on the Millennium Dawn, and discovers her world has been turned upside-down. Guided by a reluctant new friend and an insane computer intelligence, she braves the dangers of the damaged ship and makes her way towards "Fort Friendly", a place on the ship where the other awakened kids have started to build their own civilization.