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Dream Girl - Life Saver

Posted by Tamara Roldan

Written by Tamara Smith Roldan

Drama - New Series, 61 pages (Crime, Sci-Fi)

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Uploaded: May 30, 2015
Latest Draft: Jun 01, 2015

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Log Line

Series Description

A tortured woman travels the country trying to thwart future violence as foretold in her dreams, while being hunted by a Russian secret agency bent on using her psychic talents as a weapon.

Episode Synopsis

"Dream Girl" is about a woman named Melea who tries to prevent future violent acts foretold in her dreams. In the pilot, she has visions of a young man shooting and killing 23 innocent people in a public library. With help from her small team, Melea locates the suspect But while the group works on a plan to neutralize him, complications arise, including Melea being hunted down by Russian's who are bent on using her psychic talents as a weapon against its country's enemies. Melea is also haunted by a mysterious presence during one of her dreams, leaving her conflicted and distracted. Then, with the Russian’s closing in, Melea must make her move on the shooter, or risk not only the loss of 23 innocent lives, but potentially the loss of her freedom as well.