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Bounty - Pilot

Posted by Gary Howell

Written by Gary M. Howell and Ken Hanenberg

Drama - New Series, 49 pages (Drama, Suspense/Thriller)

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Uploaded: Sep 14, 2015
Latest Draft: May 17, 2016

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Log Line

Series Description

When a deep sea explorer goes missing in the Gulf of Mexico, his son must unravel a mystery embedded in his father’s Last Will and Testament, and doing so will entangle him in a world of drug smugglers, murderers and back stabbers.

Episode Synopsis

The pilot episode revolves around the disappearance of Rocky Murdoch, a famed deep sea explorer, following his yacht's explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. His son Jake, a bounty hunter, tries to make sense out of the tragedy, but it only becomes more muddled when Jake is the recipient of a mysterious satellite phone, and is involved in a shooting with a henchman for an unusual drug lord.