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DISCONNECTED - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Posted by IT Schmedes

Written by Auryn Lieb

Drama - New Series, 58 pages (Drama, Sci-Fi)

Viewed by: 62 Members
Uploaded: Nov 28, 2016
Latest Draft: Oct 23, 2018

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Log Line

Series Description

When the majority of the world's population is disabled due to a mysterious malady, mankind must choose whether to sacrifice them for the greater good or keep them alive because it's the right thing to do.

Episode Synopsis

The global crisis of SCAR is shown through the eyes of three Romanov siblings. Alex is a brilliant young programmer who is serving time for cyber crimes is released from jail on the Presidential "SCAR Emergency Measures act" to provide care for the growing sick population in public SCAR care unit. Alex struggles with depression and failed attempts to reconnect with his estranged sister Sonia, an overworked physician who works exceedingly long hours due to growing "professional power crisis" induced by the SCAR epidemic while taking care of their SCAR demented mother at home and raising the youngest sibling Nikolai, who is acutely affected by everything that's happening in the world and is desperately trying to find its place and purpose in it.