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THE BLANKED - From the Abyss

Posted by Glenn Acosta

Written by Glenn Acosta

Drama - New Series, 54 pages (Sci-Fi, Crime)

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Uploaded: Mar 02, 2017
Latest Draft: May 04, 2017

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Log Line

Series Description

A criminal and a woman he abducted both have their memories erased in the aftermath of their incident, so that they can resume their lives with fresh starts - but, through the perfect storm of events, life brings them back together.

Episode Synopsis

NYPD busts through a basement door and find TYRA JONES (20s) naked, daggling upside down with KEN PRICE (30s). Ken is later sentenced to getting all his memories erased (blanked) and is then reintroduced into society in Seattle under a new identity. Tyra convinces her brother to erase the memories of the abduction and torture so she can resume her life. By coincidence they meet again, but neither has any memory of their past.