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SLIM CHANCE - Dude Looks Like A Lady!

Posted by Erick Buckley

Written by Erick Buckley

Drama - New Series, 52 pages (Fantasy, Comedy)

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Uploaded: Mar 19, 2017
Latest Draft: Aug 23, 2017

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Log Line

Series Description

Middle-aged owner of a comic book store becomes the new avatar of Eris, Greek Goddess of Creative Chaos and Strife and must battle Gods, Goddesses, Demons, His ex-wife and Low Self-Esteem to rid himself of this supernatural freeloader and get his life back!

Episode Synopsis

Chance Blood's a recovering alcoholic, owner of a comic book store who's way behind on alimony, child care, mortgage and life in general. Fate accidentally makes him the new avatar of Eris, Greek Goddess of Chaos. He is now caught up in a game of gods, goddesses, demons and other supernatural beings. A mysterious old woman, her warrior/ward Nemain and his store clerk, Stan help him navigate this strange, new, world and hopefully rid him of Eris and get him his life back.