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When in Rome - Pilot

Posted by Amy Amani

Written by Amy Amani

Sitcom - New Series, 31 pages (Fantasy, Comedy)

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Uploaded: Jan 10, 2018
Latest Draft: May 01, 2018

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Log Line

Series Description

Half hour sitcom for a YA audience. An imaginative but awkward teenager relies on daydreams and fantasies to cope with the reality of being sent to live in a Catholic girls’ school in Rome.

Episode Synopsis

It’s 1983 and Abby’s life is about to completely change. She is a sophomore starting at a brand new school – an all-girls Catholic boarding school… in Rome! Abby uses her wild imagination to transform all sorts of unfamiliar things: roommates, nuns, dances, mean girls, and private school into entertaining fantasies that she can cope with. “When in Rome” continually breaks the fourth wall and changes tone and genre, entirely at Abby’s whim. And usually with Italian overtones.