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COVERT SHADOWS - Going Stateside

Posted by Billie Harris

Written by Billie Harris

Drama - New Series, 56 pages (Suspense/Thriller, Drama)

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Uploaded: Jul 15, 2018

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Log Line

Series Description

Researchers have developed an experimental microchip which, when embedded in an individual, will allow the person to become invisible for a short period of time. The two who were selected for this experiment were chosen based on certain medical criteria and neither have living family members. As the two unite, it becomes clear there will be problems. One, a former gang member from Los Angeles and the other, a redneck from Texas.

Episode Synopsis

Going Stateside. Gabriella De La Rosa, a Latino and former gang member, has been in the military for ten years, and returns to her home in Chicago, to take care of some personal matters. Clay Platt, a good ole southern redneck, has been assigned to accompany her on this mission. In this episode, she encounters a crooked attorney as well as gang members who want her dead.