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Posted by Beth Rohach

Written by Beth Rohach

Screenplay, 95 pages (Animated, Comedy)

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Uploaded: May 25, 2011
Latest Draft: Oct 23, 2012

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Log Line

P.I. Pup

Logline: Feisty puppy, helped by animal allies, thwarts dognappers, reunites with her missing mother, and finds a new home.

Synopsis: Shyla, a playful pup, has been separated from her pure bred mother who is being held by ruthless puppy mill breeders. Dr. Yulch and Larry Smithers hatch a scheme to sell sub par dog food to a large pet store chain, but Rex, a champion beagle and Wade Gancy, his owner and CEO of the pet store, stand in their way.

A loving family, unsuspecting of her perilous past, adopt her from a shelter. They misinterpret her attempts to rescue her mother as poor behavior, but all is forgiven when Shyla solves the mystery of the missing show dog and rescues her mother and a police officer from the scheming culprits.