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Talentville Bar & Grill : Television Writers' Lounge
New to TV

Scott San Emeterio
Posted July 15, 2014 7:15 PM

Hi All TV Writers - I have started a group "As Seen on TV" , hoping to get some TV specific conversations and a rotation of reads/reviews from anyone looking to be read and reviewed.

Happy to help in anyway I can.

My first spec is below, would love for people to review and help me polish it up to put in my cataloge. Very willing to do the same.

Thanks again,


My Spec; Californication

Geoff Morton
Posted July 16, 2014 10:49 AM

It's hard getting groups going. I've had experience starting up a few. My suggestion would be to start posting some interesting articles in your group, themed towards the nature of the group. In your case, some stuff you've read online or your own thoughts on matters related to television writing.

Every time you post a thread, or respond to it, it shows up in the feed. People will take notice and will start checking them out, and if you show some quality thinking, people will start joining up to be able to reply to it.

It's slow going at first, but even a few quality members can get a good discussion going, which will attract more.

So get something going...