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Looking for a writing family

April Miller
Posted November 14, 2017 6:24 AM

Hello:  I just discovered Talentville.  I live in rural Georgia where there are no writer's meetings nor places where I can go to meet others and give/get support.  I'm hoping this site can be that family.  I recently had a script professionally critiqued and I must say, I'm puzzled.  It is a sci-fi with dino elements.  Think Jurrasic Park meets Westworld only the world is covered in water.  At first he said that it was well written with good character development and original.  As we progressed, he started asking where things were and "how did they get there" when it was clearly in the script.  When I pointed it out, he would say, "Oh, yea."  Eventually, he came to the conclusion that it was not well grounded and what else did I have.  I've posted the script called "Dagon" to ask if others can read it and see what they think.  I'm open to any feedback.  Hoping to meet everyone.     April