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What is the average waiting period for a review?

Jurij Fedorov
Posted April 26, 2018 11:03 AM

I bought as review maybe 5 days ago with the Talentville dollars. But I don't know how many reviews are bought and where I am in line. Can I help speed things along by reviewing some scripts or buying multiple reviews? For example, if there are only 10 scripts waiting for a review I can easily make it go faster. If 100 scripts are waiting for a review then me reviewing 5 scripts won't really do much. I would actually sit down and review 5 scripts right away instead of working of my next script if I could see that it could help me and the site considerably.

Also, when people pay for a review how long does it take on average to get a review or just someone to say he will review the script? It would be extremely useful if I could see the stats for how many scripts have asked for a review and how many people are eager to gain Talentville dollars. Because since I uploaded my script I finished up another script. So now I have 2 scripts I need to get reviewed but can only upload one at a time. And me even placing 10 more reviews on this site won't get me anything extra besides the option to buy reviews. Which is an option I don't know much about as I am saying.

I don't mind exchanging reviews. I actually think that's a great idea. But right now I have not seen the exchange in action. If I at least saw the numbers I would trust the system and therefore also have much more motivation to review more scripts. Just give me some goal I can attain.


I just noticed some stats I asked for but not all! 7 reviews have been assigned. 55 reviews have not been assigned. Are these mostly full screenplays? Can we see the change in numbers from day to day?

Alex Moreno
Posted May 8, 2018 7:56 PM


I have been on and off this site for about 5 years. Like you, I have paid for 3 reviews of a script (not the one you reviewed) and a month later no one has picked up the review. It's a little like the lottery.  Your best bet is to make a kick-ass logline. Secondly, join a group of writers who may be more inclined to review your script (I mainly write historical dramas and often ask other members of the "historical group" to review a script). Your best bet- just like the industry- is to make contacts with other writers and, maybe, after you did a review of their script, ask them to review one of your. Keep at it.



Jurij Fedorov
Posted May 10, 2018 6:02 AM

I feel like there should be a point system for getting a review back. For example, can I pay more points to get higher up the list? I am willing to do that. Or more points to get an experienced reviewer? That's also fine. Right now the money is controlled by Fed and not following the free market so there is nothing I can do to buy myself a better standing in this community. There is no point in making more reviews, points wise, as points are not the issue for me. Which kinda makes me not really sure if I want to give more reviews here vs. trade feedback with people 1-to-1 on other sites. On other sites I at least get feedback in a few days then give feedback back. It's crappy feedback but it's something.

I don't mind paying more points to people helping me out. I don''t mind reviewing 20 screenplays if I actually can spend the points. But how can I? The system does not give me anything extra for giving feedback regulary. I already have more points than I can use because I don't know if they are buying anything or not. I know I will get feedback, of course. It's just the timeline that kinda makes it weird.

Ian White
Posted May 20, 2018 7:08 PM

I guarentee that if you become a citizen and reach out to others by asking for a review you'll have it picked up in no time.  As a citizen you only get reviewed by other citizens, who are genrally more experiened. I'm not affiliated with the admin, but this is my experience. I've had very positive exchanges this way.

Jurij Fedorov
Posted May 21, 2018 2:15 AM

Sounds interesting. It sounds like I just need to continue exchanging feedback as I have always done. So far I have done it on Reddit and never gotten good feedback in return. But I guess I will keep working at it and then get lucky at some point.