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Christopher Grant
Posted July 10, 2018 12:11 PM

My name is Christopher and I've been a screenwriter since the dinosaurs have roamed (1995 apocalyptic world).

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and got out of the criminal justice world to pursue writing full-time.   In July 1995, I woke up my ex-wife and declared, "I want a divorce!", left my home, friends, & family to follow God's calling on my be a professional screenplay writer.

Five copyrighted screenplays later and sixty more on the way, I consider myself a phoenix rising...if you can pick-up the ashes of defeat from divorce and a failed criminal justice career, you can do anything as the Bible commands:  "With God, anything is possible."

So my message for all of you is this....Shoot for the stars with a rocket launcher!  Cool

All the Best,