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Jed Power
Posted July 6, 2023 7:37 AM



please excuse 3rd person . Doing this at PT and impossible to rewrite here and now.

After suffering a massive stroke,  crime fiction author, Jed Power, overcame his paralysis and wrote the eighth book in his Dan Marlowe/Hampton Beach, NH, Crime/Mystery series. At the same time, Power completed a Pilot episode adapting the first book in the series, ”The Boss of Hampton Beach,”into a one-hour Pilot for a proposed  TV Series=="saving Hampton Beach."


Power has also completed a half-hour TV Pilot dramedy, “A Stroke of Luck” based on his stroke journey. 

 Log line—When a cynical, failed novelist suffers a disabling stroke and fears he has lost everything, his only hope of regaining any type of meaningful life  comes from his quirky, yet  courageous, fellow patients at a rehab hospital for the brain-damaged.

Think MASH upside down with the patients the primary characters and the staff as secondary.




Power Also has many short screenplays on Eddie Hoar and Derwood Doller , two bumbling, low-life beach hustlers based on characters from his crime Series.The shorts are easily adapted to TV or Features.

Power is now looking for a Manager, Agent or producer to help with any or all  these projects. 


Power admits that writing after a stroke had major obstacles. “Typing with one finger was the least of it,” Power said. He continued, “It brought me confidence though, just getting it done. In my eyes anyhow, it was an accomplishment.”

CONTACT:  To learn more about Jed Power, the Dan Marlowe/Hampton Beach, NH, series, his pcompleted TV/Film adaptations, or to arrange an interview, please contact:



Phone:  978-979-2371